low-cost modular finger for customized applications

Modular design

Adapt to any size/shape.

Low-cost and durable

Composed of only 6 main parts.

High force - light weight

Up to 150N for 2 fingers gripping, can grip heavy objects.

Simple ON/OFF control

ON/OFF signal control with preset adjustable force.


Gripping force


Closing time

< 100ms

Life time

~ 15.000.000 cycles

Form-fit grip payload for 2-finger configuration

~ 5kg

Frictional grip payload for 2-finger configuration

~ 2kg


384 gr


24v DC


137 x 50 x 30 (mm)

Gripping solutions

Assembling with vertical 2- and 3- finger grippers

Machine tending with horizontal 2-finger gripping solution

Quality testing with cylindrical 3-finger gripper

Palletizing with rectangle gripping solution

Pick and place multi objects with multi-point gripping solution

…and more gripping configurations are possible