About us

Apicoo Robotics develops innovative robotic products that can open new ways of using robots. Currently, we focus on:

Novel design using up-to-date technologies in robotic components

While a small change in the design or function of a robotic component could lead to an unprecedented method of using robots, a great amount of innovations in robotics occurs day by day. Those foster the employment of the latest robotic technologies in real products, which is obviously challenging but extremely promising.

Low and medium accuracy robotic applications

Most conventional robots are working with 0.05-0.1mm accuracy. Such accuracy requires high-end components like low-backlash gears, high-resolution encoders, complicated CNC parts, powerful motor drives, etc. Those in combination end up an expensive solution, which is either unaffordable or unnecessary for many applications. As a result, we found the Apicoo Robotics to provide our customers solutions with a much lower cost and higher stability.

Apicoo Robotics Co., Ltd


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