“every robot deserves a good hand”

Automation in SME needs to work with varying products in small to medium lot sizes. Collaborative robot (cobot) is a suitable solution for SME thanks to its human-friendly, safe and easy to use. However, most of cobots are born without a hand and current options for cobots’ gripper are limited. To be able to deal with varied products when tasks are frequently changed, a gripper for cobots should have long stroke, high gripping force, safe, smart and easy to use.

Apicoo Robotics develops grippers that help SMEs quickly , effectively and safely automate their task without being an expert in the automation domain.

With high versatility, Apicoo Robotic grippers are also candidates for other new robotic applications such as service robotics, mobile manipulator, or e-commerce.

a parallel long-stroke gripper for general applications

low-cost modular gripper for customized gripping solutions